Do what you love and forget the rest

While attending many artist lectures I realized that deep down every designer needs to get to know themselves and know who they really are, what they like, and follow their bliss wherever it may take them. This is the only way an artist will feel satisfied with what they create. For this reason, do what you love and forget the rest. I believe in contemporary design, staying up to date in the design world, in the community, in the satisfaction of creating something you can't wait to show your client, but most of all, being true to ones self.

Born 1988, Ponce Puerto Rico. Received my B.F.A in illustration and an M.A. in painting, both from Savannah College of Art and Design, and currently reside in Indiana. My work has recently moved in the direction of minimalism with a strong sense of composition. The work produced is process-driven, allowing for ideas to evolve in a variety of representational and nonrepresentational ways. 

Today you may find me in Southern Indiana, working as a freelance designer-illustrator, managing Studio House Editions and screenprinting a new shirt design. On my free time you may find me playing with my cats, or taking a stroll enjoying nature.